Soudure U11 sur Pauline

Assembly instructions

Required time

Approximately 10 hours using adequate tools, without stencil nor oven.

Required Tools

  • A temperature controlled soldering iron
  • Example: TS80P
  • Adequate soldering tips
  • Example: TS-B02
  • Magnifying glass or microscope (if you're not a youngster)
  • Thin solder wire
  • Example: 0.3mm ROHS
  • Flux
  • Example: Rosin flux paste
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Example: ESD-13
  • A lot of patience


  • Start soldering ICs and their coupling caps
  • Continue with the pull-up (1k) and pull-down (2.2k) resistors
  • Then do C15 and C16
  • Finish the job by soldering the headers: make sure to adjust finely by assembling the DE-10 before soldering
  • C15 and C16 are very close and will not be your friends


Soldering R8 on Pauline Soldering R27 on Pauline